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I'm Fine. How Are You? explores gender, love, sexuality, anxiety, loss, and ultimately hope in the ability of language to heal trauma. Through threaded stories of a lover on a road trip with another woman, a violent old flame, and a friend's suicide, the speaker unravels the troubling knot between herself and others, and between body and psyche in search of strength.

I'm Fine. How Are You? was selected by Chloe Caldwell as the winning chapbook of the 2018 Newfound Prose Prize. 

For more information behind the work read this interview with the author,


“I’m obsessed with ‘I’m Fine. How Are You?’ Reckless & ballsy & raw & smart.”
      —Chloe Caldwell, author of “Women”

“Is it a Lyric Essay? Is it a Long Poem? Is it Meditations? ‘I’m Fine. How Are You?’ is about relationships and violence and loss and gender and duck vaginas and art and is a wonderful manifestation of Zukofsky’s definition of poetry; ‘It is precise information on existence out of which it grows, and information on its own existence.’ Pikula’s disarming voice is precise and totally winning.”
      —Mathew Rohrer, author of “The Others”

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